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“Our mission is to develop and implement an effective treatment plan for each individual; to quickly address discomforting symptoms and their root causes, as well as employ risk reduction strategies, in order to minimize the likelihood of recurrence.”

At Summit Ketamine Innovations, we are excited to provide an opportunity for REAL change. Sub-anesthetic intravenous ketamine infusion is an effective tool in the treatment of many debilitating physical and psychological conditions. Ketamine infusion, along with psychotherapy and positive self-care can dramatically improve the quality of life and functionality of individuals suffering with treatment resistant depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and OCD. Intravenous ketamine is also an effective tool in treating a number of pain disorders, including migraine.

Optimal care begins with acknowledging the intimate connection between emotional well-being and physical health. This common goal is realized when the patient and their care team work together. We are dedicated to closing communication and treatment gaps to ensure integrated care, directed at the source of one’s suffering.

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We recognize that ketamine therapy is a significant investment. It is our pledge, to provide individualized treatment with personal care plans, and regular “check-ins”" via text, at no additional cost to assure consistent management of your pain and/or mental health. This is not assembly-line care! Ample time is given for each appointment to address your personal needs and concerns. Our physician will collaborate with your therapist or physician as you direct to allow for optimal success. We want you to feel better now and for those who respond to the treatment, you will.

Each course of treatment is supervised by a physician and registered nurse. Your entire therapy session is monitored via closed circuit video to avoid distractions and allow you the most relaxing experience possible. Healing can start today!

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