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Group Oral Ketamine Therapy Provider

Summit Ketamine Innovations

Ketamine Infusion Clinic located in Parker, CO

Group Oral Ketamine Therapy

This is a program pioneered by Dr. Alison Mclnnes and Kaiser Permanente in California. Along with our colleauges from Michigan, we have adapted it to help make ketamine treatment for psychological disorders more affordable and accessible on the Front Range.

  • Ketamine will be administered in our office in a collective setting, along with group therapy, twice a week.
  • Moderated by an experienced therapist and registered nurse, the group setting allows patients a safe environment to share their therapeutic experience, with both illness and improvement as treatment progresses.
  • When administered in this setting, our clinic’s experience has been that oral ketamine can be as effective as IV ketamine in the right patient population.
  • The program is four weeks long. Ideally, upon completion of the program, patients will continue with maintenance ketamine treatment in sublingual form. Patients are encouraged to continue a therapeutic relationship throughout maintenance treatment.

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